Rob Dodge

Rob Dodge grew up in San Diego, California, where at the age of ten, began taking drum lessons. In 1976, he attended the University of Idaho and during his senior year, landed a job with the City of McCall. It wasn't until the mid-nineties that Rob got back into music, buying his first djembe hand drum on eBay. His passion for drumming and teaching opened up many opportunities in McCall where he developed and facilitated various programs including, Kids on Drums, Kaleidoscope Kids Festival, and African Drum Workshops at the McCall-Donnelly High School. Rob also formed the Mountain Samba Band. Rob's lifelong dream, to play in a jazz band as well in a Classic rock band is being fulfilled with The Merchants of Groove.

Jeff Parnett

Born in Woodstock, New York, Jeff Parnett has been teaching music in New Meadows for the past 30 years. He has also performed in the McCall Chamber Orchestra and the Washington-Idaho Symphony. Jeff was also the musical director for McCalls, "The Full Monte", in the summer of 2012. He also keeps musically busy playing organ for a local church and teaching music lessons in the surrounding community. Jeff and his wife, Andrea, also occasionally play wedding ceremonies. Once a member of the McCall jazz quartet, "The Mammals of Swing", Jeff considers jazz to be the highest form of music.

Bill Monti

Bill Monti is an Idaho native with strong family roots in the northwest. He has lived his life touring and recording as a professional guitarist in a variety of musical styles and acts. Over the years, he has performed with numerous major recording artists in California in the 60s & 70s. Bill is known for his arrangements of contemporary songs into jazz formats and his depth of traditional jazz tunes. His guitar mastery is always a crowd pleaser.

Danny Miller

Danny Miller at the age of 14 began performing professionally on bass in the progressive rock trio Prism of Sound. Since then, he has continually performed in bans with diverse musical styles in Michigan, Utah, and Idaho. He is credited with creating and recording bass lines to over 100 original songs with various artists. Original recordings include CD's Ten Penny progressive rock band, Ocean Fix and Mind Set by the smooth jazz band Chalazon.

Alex Gray

Alex has been singing since he was 8 years old. He discovered a love for music early on through listening to music theater and good old fashioned 70s rock. He continued with music and theater eventually getting a degree in both. Alex has sung with different choirs, music groups and done theater all over the country but loves the Quiet of Boise, Idaho and the surrounding area. He lives there now with his wife and 9 children who constantly keep him busy.